Aurora seen at Kielder!

What’s this?  Clear skies over Kielder – surely that’s a typing mistake…

Well, although some folks don’t believe it, you do occasionally get clear, and very dark skies over the village of Kielder in Northumberland, and that is where a good number of York AS members have headed this week to get their twice-yearly fix of the dark stuff.

The October Kielder star camp gets underway today, and some of our members went up a few days early to try to get that little bit of extra observing in, and they were handsomely rewarded last night, when for the second night in a row, the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) were visible from the Kielder Observatory.

Aurora Borealis by Martin Whipp

This photo, taken by Martin Whipp is a composite image of about 30 shots (hence the star trails) and shows the lovely greenish hues of the lights, low down on the Northern horizon. Some distinct pillars of light can be seen.

This is the second clear night on the trot, and as more of our members head North for the event, they hope for more of the same for the rest of the week.

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About Martin Whipp

Martin Whipp has been a member of The York AS for over 20 years. His main interests in the world of astronomy are video production, astrophotography and public outreach and education. If you've seen any timelapse films on this web site, it was probably Martin that made them.

6 thoughts on “Aurora seen at Kielder!

  1. Lovely photograph! I hope the skies remain clear, but if not at least you can enjoy winding up astronomers who arrived after the display.

  2. You jammy, jammy gits, I hate you, RAIN GODS go north, go on shoo, shoo… ;o)

    Seriously, well done, hope to see more picys… Take care gang, MartinD

  3. Wot can I say? Superb. Glenn, get a picture of the Bubble Nebula if can, would like to see that.
    hope you’re all having a great time.
    regards to all
    “Big Mak’s Dad”

  4. Great picture. I’m jealous!
    I wish the aurora would come just a little further south!

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