What’s Up! January 2022

A monthly look at astronomical events in the sky and on Earth 

Compiled by Steve Sawyer and John Rowland

Happy New Year! Here’s looking forward to an excellent year of astronomy with (hopefully) lots of clear skies!

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So what’s on this month?

Well, some of you may be aware, the James Webb telescope had a successful launch on Christmas day (25/12/2021). If you missed the launch (it was around lunchtime) and you may have been busy with other things (food and booze perhaps) you can catch up with the live feeds below:

Useful links: [Where is the Webb Telescope?] [Webb vs Hubble Comparison]

Best media comment: Heard on BBC Television on Christmas Day, asked by the main newsreader, “So, how far beyond the universe will this telescope be able to see?” Continue reading