A right angle viewer for polar alignment scopes

right angle polar alignment scope

Telescope mount polar alignment scopes are typically not very user friendly.  Having to get one’s eye underneath requires contortionism! York Astronomical Society member Graham Moore has come up with a brilliant solution: Buy a right-angled viewer made for a now defunct film camera and fit it onto the polar scope eyepiece. I bought a beautiful unused Olympus OM System Varimagni Finder through eBay.

My Varimagni has a square input end, which was for Olympus OM camera viewfinders.  So making an adapter for a thing which is square and one end and round at the other was a bit like the emergency air scrubber adaption on Apollo 13.

I found a bit of Dural tube in my bits of metal box, opened up one end on my lathe to fit the ‘square’ on the Varimagni, and added a thumb screw to grip the polars cope eyepiece. (Not shewn in this photo.)

A dust cap completes the job.

Martin Whillock, York Astronomical Society. Feb 2018