Astronomy Presentations

Pre-Covid meetings (2019-2020) were held at the Priory Street Centre (York), but all meetings during lockdown were held online via Zoom, as shown below (2020-2021).

Date Title Speaker Venue
16/07/2021 Skylark Part 2 Paul Thornley Zoom
02/07/2021 An introduction to asteroseismology Thom Shutt Zoom
18/06/2021 Multi-messenger Astronomy Peter Allan Zoom
04/06/2021 Ladies of the Night Ann Bonell Zoom
21/05/2021 The Red Sun Lynn Smith Zoom
07/05/2021 Ocean Worlds David Benoit Zoom
16/04/2021 What We Know Today Brad Gibson Zoom
02/04/2021 “It’s Only a Theory”
Neil Haggath Zoom
19/03/2021 Space Mission: From Concept to Reality Paul Money Zoom
05/03/2021 Myth to Moon Pete Williamson Zoom
19/02/2021 The Future of Space Tourism Gerry Fisher Zoom
05/02/2021 Quasar Mikkel Kristensen Zoom
15/01/2021 Oumuamua and Borisov John Davis (I4IS) Zoom
18/12/2020 Members Meeting YAS Volunteers Zoom
04/12/2020 Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Dave Armeson Zoom
20/11/2020 YAS AGM 2020 YAS Trustees Zoom
06/11/2020 PLATO Mission Mark Kidger (ESA) Zoom
16/10/2020 Members Meeting YAS Volunteers Zoom
02/10/2020 Mars! A look at the red planet Dave Armeson Zoom
18/09/2020 Why are there no Green Stars? Paul Money Zoom
04/09/2020 How Big Is Space? Neil Haggath Zoom

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