Meetings Archive

Over the years The York AS has had a huge number of wonderful and varied speakers.  Here is a list from the last few years.
If you would like to get in touch with any of our speakers, get in touch via the contact page

2014-2015 Season

Dr Aglae Kellerer Telescopes and Quantum Entanglement
Martin Lunn 10 Daft Things in Astronomy
Paul Money Images of Earth
Dr Susan Cartwright The Higgs Boson
Dr Nick Hewitt The Edge of Darkness
Martin Whipp Time Lapse Astrophotography
Prof David Hughes The Star of Bethlehem
Dr Stuart Littlefair Adventures in High Time Resolution Astrophysics
Prof Melvin Hoare The Square Kilometer Array
Dave Armeson Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Mission
Mark Dawson The Stellar Soup Kitchen
Dr Sue Bowler Is the Earth Special?
Mike Frost The Arms of Buddha
Paul Money Images of the Universe Vol. V
Nick James The Rosetta Mission & Comet 67P
David Boyd Doing science in your Back Garden
Alison Laird Nuclear Astrophysics, from the lab to the Stars

2015-2016 Season

Glen Berry CCD Astrophotography
Alan Pounder The Science of the Northern Lights
Paul Money Volcanic Activity in the Solar System
Lee Macdonald From Cracked mirror to Nobel prize – the Isaac newton scope
Elme Breedt The GAIA mission
Dave Armeson Roving the Red planet – Curiosity on Mars
Dave Williams A Dummy’s Guide to Infra Red
Ray Emery Cepheids – One Woman’s discovery that changed everything
Rod Hine Lucky Breaks in Astronomy
Dr Emily Winterburn Islamic Astronomy in Museums
Dr Robert Lomas Looking at Comets through Wooden Telescopes
Dr Mike Evans The Light Speed Barrier
Margaret Morris Collecting Astronomy
Paul Money Sir Joseph Banks and the Transit of Venus
Alice Sheppard When the Universe came to the People
Paul Hyde 80 Years of Radio Astronomy
Jeremy Shears Harold Knox-Shaw and the Helwan Observatory
Roger Pickard Variable Star observation

2016-2017 Season

Martin Dawson Amateur Telescope Making
David Leyshon How we got our Calendar, and why it’s still not Perfect
Kevin Read The Heretic and his Telescope – Faith vs Science
Prof Robertus von Fay-Seibenburgen Solar Physics and the DKIST Telescope
Paul Money Into the Darkness, but Shining a Light
Dave Armeson Cassini Solstice Mission
Dr John Baruch Challenges in Astronomy
Dr Emily Brunsden Star Pulsations / Astro campus
Richard Turner Enceladus & Europa
Dr Jeurgen Schmoll Alternative Skies – Extreme Weather
Dave Armeson Tour of The Solar System
Dr Stuart Lumsden Formation of Massive stars
Paul Money Images of the Universe Vol. VI
Prof Gerry Gilmour The GAIA Mission
Martin Whipp John Wall – Inventions & Instruments
Steve Bowden A beginner’s guide to Astrophotography
Dr John Mason Hunting the Northern Lights
Martin Lunn Viking Astronomy

2017-2018 Season

Paul Money The Solar System in Fiction
Phil Shepherdson Newall – The People’s Telescope
Alex Hayler Exoplanets
James Rees Space – It gets Weird
Megan Argo When Galaxies Collide
Dave Armeson New Horizons – The Latest Data
David Sellers William Gascoigne – inventor of the Telescope Micrometer
5x St Peters students 5 Short Lectures
Dr Giles Hammond MEMS Gravity sensors as monitors of tidal deformations on Earth
Silvia Dalla Annie Maunder – Solar Observer
Paul Money Triumphs of Voyager pt1: Journey to Jupiter, Splendours of Saturn
Prof. Pete Edwards The Dark Side of The Universe
Alan Hawley Artificial Satellites
Dan Brown The 6,000 Year Old Telescope with no Lens
Hazel Collett The Beauty and Violence of the Sun
Dr Michael Martin Smith Cosmic Women
John Timmins Improving the Optical Quality of your Telescope
Dr Emily Brunsden Fantastic Planets and How Find Them
YorkAstro Lunar Eclipse Night