Other astronomical events & locations

This page lists a number of astronomy related events and location of interest in the York area and further afield.


  • The Bluedot Festival – 18-21 July. Taking place at Jodrell Bank and celebrating fifty years since the Moon Landings, with a four-day spectacular combining music, science, cosmic culture and more beneath the Lovell Telescope. 
  • 12-13 August is the peak of the Perseid Meteor Shower, but it will be washed out by the nearly full new moon. Watch from the comfort of your own back garden or, better still, find a place away from city lights.
  • 3 Sep 2019 (+ other dates) ‘An amazing discovery’ – John Goodricke, a famous Georgian astronomer lived at York Treasurer’s House and made an astonishing discovery in the night sky. Find out more on this tour and how the 18-year-old astronomer used the Minster spires to measure the universe and variable stars.
  • Transit of Mercury 11 November 2019 – details to be announced.

BBC Proms

This year, a number of the BBC Proms have a space theme:

See the BBC Proms website for more details.

Astronomical locations of interest around York