This table lists triple stars that can be found using the catalogues available in the SynScan go-to telescope control system with small telescopes.

Catalogues available in SynScan version SSHCV4-F-141105V1-EN :-

NGC = New General Catalogue          IC = Index Catalogues       M = Messier objects

C = Caldwell catalogue         SAO = Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory catalog

Name Catalogue Notes
17 Canis  Majoris SAO 172569 Below Sirius
Burnham 324 SAO 172386 In Canis Major
Struve 1245 SAO 116929 In Cancer
Tau Canis Majoris NGC 2362 Below Sirius
Struve 1369 SAO 42931 In NGC 1528
Struve 1604 SAO 157111
Iota Bootes SAO 29071
16 Draconis SAO 30012 Near NGC 5982 & 5985 ?
5 Serpentis SAO 120946 Near M5  NGC 5904 ?
Beta Serpentis NGC 6193 also SAO 101725
Mu Bootis NGC  5466
Xi Scorpii SAO 159665 Near M4, 7, 80 ?
Sigma Coronae Borealis SAO 65165
Lambda Ophiuchi NGC 6218 Near M 9 & 12 ?
Mu Hercules SAO 85397 Near M 13 ?
Omicron 2 Eridani SAO 131063
Alpha Lyrae SAO 67174
Beta Capricorni / Dabih Dabih in SynScan Named stars
54 Sagittarii SAO 162883/4
Iota Cassiopeiae SAO 12298
Beta Camelopardalis SAO 13351
Theta Orionis / Trapezium NGC 682
Sigma Orionis SAO 132406
Epsilon Monocerotis SAO 113810
Beta Monocerotis SAO 133316
14 Aurigae SAO 57799
Struve 147 SAO 59230 or 59234
Zeta Orionis SAO 132444
Iota Orionis SAO 132323
Eta Orionis SAO 132071
Lambda Orionis SAO 112921



Background to the development of this table  :

I love to see double stars in the night sky, but even more I like triples.  Some of these will be  3 suns going around each other kept together by gravity.  How would planets behave in these systems ?  What would we see if we were on one ?

I have a list of triples from the Popular Astronomy magazine published in Oct/Dec 2006 page 17 “Close stellar delights” by Mike Inglis, and have tried to use it now and then, with my old no-computer mount.

Recently I treated myself to a computerised mount, an HEQ5 with SynScan.  The version of SynScan I have includes the Catalogues listed above.  Mike Inglis gives the Aitken Double Star Catalogue (ADS) numbers for his best triples.  The table gives triple Names from Mike Inglis, with catalogue numbers found by searching on ADS numbers in the huge SIMBAD database, see      SIMBAD holds many different Identities and other data on individual stars, using many catalogues etc.

Please note : So far have not been able to verify by observations that these catalogue references do yield triple stars.  But I hope to use them in the coming months, clouds permitting.   Please will anyone using the table let me know how you got on ?  My email is <>

Martin Whillock  January 2017. 

York Astronomical Society member and U3A national Astronomy Adviser.

Many thanks for reviews and comments from John Rowland, John McCue, Callum Potter and David Cotterell before publication.