Working party Saturday 9 March

Inclement weather threatened us at the start of the day, but it eventually turned sunny. There was a good turnout of volunteers and a number of tasks completed. After setting the world to rights we started work. We were refuelled at lunchtime by some great bacon and sausage baps from Angela.

Martin D added some extra ribbing to the inside of the lid on the over laps of the sheets, where wind was forcing apart the plates, so it is now much stronger and looks better too. Gerry and Mark assisted, battling with the mud to go up a ladder.

Gerry removed some ugly bits and screws in the lid, so with the inside painted by Suzanne it’s now looking good.

Martin D affixed the gear wheel to the AE that drives the declinator worm wheel and connected up some of the wiring.

Gerry, Martin W and some others sorted the ‘wibbly, wobbly’ pillar on the Martin Lunn 10” Meade by adding some grouting – its solid now.

With the aid of several wheelbarrows and spades, some of us laid a wood chip path around the Observatory to improve access and it has managed to add something to the site.

Up on the roof, Gerry and Martin D assisted by Derek, Graham and a couple of others below who passed tools up to them, sorted the join between the containers. Hopefully when the inside join is sorted it will be truly water proof.

We also removed some old wiring that was hanging down, sorted some of the ‘technical support’, and got rid of some rubbish.

All in all a good day.

Based on Martin D’s Facebook report including some of his photos.

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