What’s Up! October 2019

A monthly look at astronomical events in the sky and on Earth

The author is taking a break this month but recommends the following Jodrell Bank web site for an excellent run-down of what to observe this month: The Night Sky October 2019.

Special observing evening at Beetle Bank on Saturday 19 October 2019

For a great opportunity to see a number of deep sky objects through some of the best telescopes in the society, book a place at the event on the 19th. The event includes a well illustrated talk by David Armeson. Go here to book a place.

Passes of the International Space Station (ISS)

The ISS is visible for the first seven days of October then not again until the end of the month. See the Heavens-Above web site for more details. Here is a link with all fields relevant to York selected.

Space news

For up-to-date news on space missions, rocket launches etc. scroll https://www.space.com/32286-space-calendar.html

Also, follow these links for news of a non-periodic comet and the planet with water on it.

Clear skies and good viewing, and maybe we’ll see you on the 19th at Beetle Bank.

John Rowland 29/09/2019

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